VP, Process Development, Mab-Venture

VP, Process Development

Job Responsibilities:             

  1. Manage the work of upstream and downstream PD departments, ensure programs progress on time.
  2. Lead the teams responsible for (antibody or recombinant protein) cell culture, purification and preparation process of small scale and pilot scale development.
  3. Formulate and organize implementation of process development plan, ensure compliance with Chinese or international regulatory authorities, responsible for writing the IND application materials to CFDA, FDA, TGA, etc..
  4. Manage the process development departments: create the department management system and project budgets; responsible for staff recruitment, training, incentives and assessment.
  5. As part of company executives, involvement in the development of the company's strategic planning and decision-making process.

Job Requirements:

  1. Biology background, with Ph.D or master's degree, 8 years or more biopharmaceutical industry R & D and management experience.
  2. Experience in developing CHO or other mammalian cells with monoclonal antibodies or recombinant protein products.
  3. Familiar with China and the United States drug discovery, regulatory registration and other work processes. Experience with regulatory requirements for registration of biological products, experience leading pre-clinical development projects is preferred.
  4. Excellence in planning, execution, analysis and problem solving as well as communication and coordination skills.

Please send CV to [email protected]