Innovate and Collaborate - Thriving in the Changing Dynamics of Global Life Sciences

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Date: Friday, May 31, 2019 8:30 am-5:00 pm EDT

Location: Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel
480 North Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406


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As the flagship event of SAPA-GP, our annual conference is expected to attract >1000 attendees, including seasoned and young professionals from coast to coast, several municipal government delegation teams from China, over 20 CEOs or executives from most of the big pharma companies in China, and high-level executives from major pharma companies such as GSK, JNJ, Merck, BMS, and Teva etc.


5 Parallel Tracks: Science, Technology, Business, Global Health and Career

Plenary Session: Changing Dynamics of Global Life Sciences
Confirmed speaker: 
Felix Hsu, SVP and Global Head of Advanced Therapies, WuXi AppTec

Science Track:

Immunology Renaissance: The Yin and Yang of Immunomodulation and Therapeutic InnovationThe immune system is a double-edged sword, requiring tightly regulated homeostasis. The morning session will showcase the benefits of stepping on the gas pedal of the immune system to fight against cancer and pathogens. Flipping the Yin&Yang immunology coin in the afternoon, the overstimulated immune system could also lead to autoimmune, inflammatory, and neurogenerative diseases, where a brake is a key to therapeutic success. 

Confirmed speakers:
Tong-Ming Fu, Head of North America Vaccine Research, Sanofi Pasteur
Jan Joseph Melenhorst, Director, Product Development & Correlative Sciences Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania
Percy Carter, Head of Discovery Chemistry & Molecular Technologies, Drug Discovery Research, BMS
Eric Hostetler, Executive Director, Head of Translational Imaging Biomarkers, Merck

Technology Track

This session will cover cell and gene therapy, expanding horizon of small molecule discovery and emerging technology trend in biological development

Small molecule discovery: Although small molecule drugs are still the mainstream pharmaceuticals, they are losing the competitiveness in certain disease areas to biologicals and other new modalities. This session will highlight some new horizons, both scientifically and geographically, in hope to restore the glory of small molecules.

Biological development: Biological drugs have seen remarkable increases in both utility and complexity in recent years, for successful treatment of conditions including autoimmune disease and cancer. The session of Biologics will host seminars by key opinion leaders from major biopharma. Insights on scientific and strategic challenges and opportunities, and market outlooks of the development of peptide, protein, RNA and antibody therapies will be shared.

Confirmed speakers:
Tauseef R. Butt, President & CEO, PROGENRA INC
Linghang Zhuang, Head of Chemistry, Eternity Bioscience, Inc

Business Track: Unlocking the Potential for Innovation through Acquisitions, Alliances and Collaboration

  • Collaboration has never been more important in the biopharmaceutical industry than it is now.  Sourcing externally to strengthen R&D pipelines and bring much-needed new therapies to patients is pivotal for established biopharmaceutical companies.  “Deals” have also grown more complex and risky as disruptive scientific and technological advancements present both alluring opportunities and uncharted uncertainties.
  • In this track, we have convened a panel of seasoned industry leaders and experts to discuss trends, challenges, and key success factors for big biopharmaceutical companies and small players to joint forces in accelerating innovation. The track will include three sessions: 1). the Evolving Landscape and Trends in Biopharma Collaborations; 2). Business Development & Licensing - Strategic Drivers for Making the Right Deals; 3). Alliance Management in Making a Collaboration Work.

Confirmed speakers:
Frederick (Rick) Jones, Partner, BioAdvance
Jie (Jay) Liu, Managing Director, Torreya Partners

Global Health Track

This session will cover the forum, Innovative Clinical Trials Design and Healthcare Advocacy.
CEO forum is a well-planned, exclusive gathering of more than ten well-known biotech leaders. They will share how they built their establishments, discuss challenges in today’s dynamic industry environment both in China and the US and exchange their ideas about how to survive and thrive under the pressure and turbulence. The CEO forum is a highly interactive forum that you won’t want to miss.
Innovative Clinical Trial Designs: To speed up new drug development and enhance the probability of success, innovative trial designs have been increasingly adopted in clinical research. In this session, we will discuss the design and application of adaptive, umbrella, and basket designs, as well as other methodologies.
Health advocacy session brings speakers from both public organizations and pharmaceutical companies to share the effort made towards the commitment of improving the lives of patients, including better understanding patient needs, disease awareness, patient-focused public policies, and patient diversity in clinical designs.

Confirmed speakers:
Xi-Yong (Sean) Fu, President, Luye Boston R&D LLC
Li Chen, President and CEO, Hua Medicine
Kevin Heyeck, Venture Partner, 6 Dimensions Capital
Steve Abrams, Partner, Global Life Sciences Leadership Team, Hogan Lovells
Shell Li, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer,  Hengruiyuan
Larry Alphs, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Newron Pharmaceuticals
Parvin Fardipour, Vice President, Adaptive Clinical Trials, ICON Plc.
Chris Hansis, Founder & CEO, Phase Clinical Services (panelist)
Anya Harry, Clinical Trial Diversity Director, GSK

Career Track: Diverse in Changing Career Pathways in Life Sciences.

  • No matter which stage you are in your career, there was always sometime you'll have to stop, look back, think, and look forward. This career session will open your eyes of personal growth and development, and may inspire you to make important decisions towards career advancement. 
  • Big pharma, biotech companies and CMO/CROs will join the Job Fair with job openings for different levels, bring your CV and name card, your dream job will be landed here!

Our guests:

  • High-level executives from multi-national pharmaceutical companies and top Chinese pharmaceutical companies
  • Officials from local governments and municipal parties
  • Inventors from local universities and biotech companies
  • Elite scientists on pharmaceutical sciences
  • Domain experts on intellectual property, corporate finance, and information technology

Why should you come?

  • Meet high-level executives from pharmaceutical and biotech companies
  • Network with investors and inventors
  • Find recruiters or candidates
  • Receive trainings on most up-to-date pharmaceutical sciences

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