No. Function Position Location
1 Simcere R&D VP of Innovation R&D Center (Head of Shanghai Innovation Center) Shanghai,China
2 Simcere R&D VP of Innovative Drug R&D (Head of Boston Innovation Center) Boston
3 Simcere R&D VP of Biopharmaceutical R&D Nanjing,China
4 Simcere R&D VP of Small Molecule Innovative Drug R&D Shanghai,China
5 BD VP of International BD Shanghai,China
6 Simcere R&D Formulation Development Director/Senior Director Nanjing,China
7 Simcere R&D Process Chemistry Research & Development Director/Senior Director Nanjing,China
8 Simcere R&D Head of Quality and Compliance (Senior Director) Nanjing,China
9 Simcere R&D Senior Manager/Assistant Director of Bio-IP Nanjing,China/Beijing,China
10 Simcere R&D Project Management Manager/Senior Manager/Assistant Director Nanjing,China
11 Simcere R&D CMC Regulatory Strategy Research Senior Manager / Deputy Director Nanjing,China
12 Simcere R&D Director (Senior Director)of Cancer Discovery and Biological Immunopharmacology Shanghai,China
13 Simcere R&D DMPK Director (Senior Director) Shanghai,China
14 Simcere R&D Toxicology Director (Senior Director) Shanghai,China
15 Simcere R&D Pharmaceutical Chemistry Director/Senior Director Shanghai,China
16 Simcere R&D Director or Senior Director of Assay Development Shanghai,China
17 Simcere R&D Clinical Operations Director (Senior Director) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
18 Simcere R&D Clinical Science Associate Director/Director/Senior Director (Tumor or Immunity) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
19 Simcere R&D Clinical Science Director (Senior Director) (Nervous System Direction) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
20 Simcere R&D Clinical Pharmacology Director/Deputy Director (Generics) Nanjing,China
21 Simcere R&D Clinical Pharmacology Director/Deputy Director (innovative drug) Shanghai,China
22 Simcere R&D Senior Director of Statistics/Director/Deputy Director Shanghai,China
23 Simcere R&D DM Senior Director/Director/Deputy Director Shanghai,China
24 Simcere R&D Head, Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety (Director or Senior Director) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
25 Simcere R&D Director/Senior Director, Bioinformatics Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
26 Simcere R&D Director/Senior Director, Cell Science Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
27 Simcere R&D Antibody Engineering Director (Senior Director) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
28 Simcere R&D In Vivo Pharmacology Director (Senior Director) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
29 Simcere R&D In Vitro Pharmacology Director (Senior Director) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
30 Simcere R&D Biomedicine CMC Senior/Executive Director Nanjing,China
31 Simcere R&D Regulatory CMC Project Lead Shanghai,China
32 BD BD Director / Associate Director (Innovative Drugs) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
33 BD BD Director / Deputy Director (Generics) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
34 BD BD Director (Investment Development Department) Shanghai,China、Nanjing,China
35 BD BD Director Japan
36 BD BD Director Europe
37 BD Scientific Assessment Director Europe
38 BD BD Senior Director/Director USA
39 BD Domestic BD Director/Senior Director Nanjing,China
40 Simcere Manufacturing Group Production Operations (Assistant Director/Director) Nanjing,China
41 Simcere Manufacturing Formulating Chief Engineer/Senior Engineer Haikou,China
42 Simcere Manufacturing International Pharmaceuticals Senior Director/Director/Deputy Director USA
43 Simcere Manufacturing Senior Director/Director/Deputy Director of International Sales Nanjing,China
44 Simcere Manufacturing Senior Director/Director of Supply Chain Management Nanjing,China
45 Simcere Manufacturing VP of International Pharmaceuticals Nanjing,China
46 Headquarters Strategic Development Director Nanjing,China


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