Company Introduction:

Sino Biological is an internationally recognized reagent supplier and contract research organization. Sino Biological's core technology platform is its in-house developed mammalian cell-based recombinant expression system. The system employs a range of proprietary reagents and processes, enabling high-efficient production of antigens and antibodies. The company has developed a catalog of 10,000+ recombinant antigens from mammalian cells, E. Coli, and insect cells, along with 2,000+ novel clones of monoclonal antibodies through mouse hybridoma technology and rabbit phage display technology. Sino Biological also offers customized antigen and antibody development and expression services. The company has successfully completed hundreds of projects for research, therapeutic, and diagnostic antibody development.

Sino Biological’s manufacturing facility is in Beijing, China, while its US headquarter is in the greater Philadelphia area. The company is undergoing a major expansion. There are multiple positions available in Boston, Philadelphia, and Beijing.

Job title: Sales office manager

Report to both director of sales in the US, and the head of the customer service department in the HQ
Salary range: Based on qualification
Bonus: Based on the overall sale number and performance
Location: Philadelphia

Job Description:

The primary responsibilities for the sales office manager are to lead the customer service and inside sales team to improve the company’s customer interface (via online activities and phone calls), and to manage the day-to-day operation in the sales office. The ultimate goal is to enhance overall operational efficiency and customer experience. The successful candidate is expected to lead the team to:

  • 1) Provide courteous, efficient customer interface;
  • 2) Develop leads from inbound inquiries and close sales;
  • 3) Provide necessary support to the ground sales team;
  • 4) Manage day-to-day office operation (travel time less than 5% time);


  • Provide general correspondence, dealing with quotations, complaints, requests for information and other queries about orders from US customers; Engage and coordinate local salespersons and/or other relevant departments when necessary;
  • Distribution arrangements and arranging for the shipping, handling, and storage of goods;
  • Develop new sales opportunities through inbound inquiry/lead follow-up, and close sales if necessary;
  • Research and manage account activities and identify key potential targets;
  • Maintain and expand the database of prospects;
  • Sales statistics;


  • A master or Ph.D. degree from a biomedical discipline is preferred;
  • Relevant working experience is preferred but not required;
  • Ability to learn fast;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Strong Communication Skills;


Please contact the hiring managers below:

Cory Lin: [email protected]; Sheila Wu: [email protected]