Company Introduction:

Sino Biological is an internationally recognized reagent supplier and contract research organization. Sino Biological's core technology platform is its in-house developed mammalian cell-based recombinant expression system. The system employs a range of proprietary reagents and processes, enabling high-efficient production of antigens and antibodies. The company has developed a catalog of 10,000+ recombinant antigens from mammalian cells, E. Coli, and insect cells, along with 2,000+ novel clones of monoclonal antibodies through mouse hybridoma technology and rabbit phage display technology. Sino Biological also offers customized antigen and antibody development and expression services. The company has successfully completed hundreds of projects for research, therapeutic, and diagnostic antibody development.

Sino Biological’s manufacturing facility is in Beijing, China, while its US headquarter is in the greater Philadelphia area. The company is undergoing a major expansion both in the US and in China. There are multiple positions available in Boston, Philadelphia, and Beijing.

Job title: Product Manager

Salary range: based on qualifications
Bonus: Performance-based
Location: Beijing, China

Job Description:

The individual will be a member or the leader of the product management team. The primary responsibilities include market research, product planning and management, product marketing, and technical support. Specifically, the individual will be required to:

Product development functions:

  • Perform analysis to identify market opportunities, and develop product strategies and long-term roadmaps;
  • Work with the R&D dept. to form product development plans;
  • Work with the R&D dept. to set product specifications
  • Oversee product development
  • Determine pricing strategies

Marketing functions:

  • Develop marketing plans for products
  • Implement marketing plan in conjunction with all departments
  • Support sales and marketing with the necessary technical expertise
  • Conduct product presentations
  • Develop sales training material and marketing materials

Support functions:

  • Manage product-related support, feedback and inquiries from users
  • Monitor product inventory
  • Use market feedback to inform product refinements and ongoing development


  • A Ph.D. degree from a biomedical discipline;
  • Training experience in protein biochemistry, antibody development, and immunology is preferred;
  • Have a good understanding of biologic research, drug discovery, and diagnostics field, and the relevant technologies, products, and services (manager only);
  • Ability to learn fast;
  • Ability to multi-task;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Strong Communication Skills;


Please contact the hiring managers below:

Rachel Hu: [email protected]
Cory Lin:   [email protected]
Sheila Wu: [email protected]