Riding on the success of the last annual event, 3nd Annual Precision Medicine and Immuno-Oncology China Summit (PMIO 2020) is dedicated to building a premium networking platform focused on the clinical translation of precision medicine, IO and CAR-T therapies to the market in China and globally, ensuring affordability and accessibility to all those in need.

Bringing together decision makers across C level management, oncology clinicians, and top researchers in drug discovery, clinical trials and immuno-oncology sectors, this two day interactive show will provide you the opportunity to take home cutting edge strategies, case study examples, and regulatory guidelines with rich information on latest advances in NGS, Cancer immunotherapy, Liquid biopsy, Big Data and AI research, Companion Diagnostics, CRISPR-Based Gene Editing in Precision Medicine etc.

Join PMIO China 2020 with over 500+ leaders in therapeutic drug development in China, US and EU, etc to discuss the latest clinical data emerging in Asia focusing the CD19 and novel targets beyond being utilized for solid tumor indications and multiple diagnostic modalities and biomarkers for immunotherapy. And also discuss with opinion leaders in China for the cutting edge technologies being used to automate CAR-T manufacturing for CoGs reduction and off-the-shelf novel therapy development with application of genome editing and immune regulation.

For more information, please visit www.pmio-china.com or contact the organizing committee at 8621-31123968, 86-15002180039, [email protected].

Key Topics

  • Cancer Immunotherapy: How can we do it better?
  • Clinical Development of IO Drugs and China Landscape
  • Development from EGFR Targeting Therapy to Immuno-Oncology
  • The Safety and Efficacy of CAR-T Therapy for R/R B ALL
  • A Novel Therapeutic TCR mimic Antibody against HLA&NY-ESO-1 complex for Cancer Therapy
  • Combination Therapy Strategies for Improving PD-1 Blockade Efficacy: a new era in cancer immunotherapy
  • Key Considerations on Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Process Development
  • Addressing Challenges for Commercialization for Cell and Gene Therapies
  • Single‐Use Technologies Used in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing
  • Applying QbD in CAR-T Process Development

PMIO China 2020 Eminent Speakers

  • Didier Dargent, Head of International Markets for Cell & Gene Therapy, Novartis Oncology
  • Knut Niss, CTO, Mustang Bio, USA
  • Bob Valamehr, Vice President, Cancer Immunotherapy, Fate Therapeutics
  • Oscar Lee, Chair Professors, School of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
  • John Connolly, Chief Scientific Officer, Tessa Therapeutics Ltd 
  • Gabriele Proetzel, Director, External Neuroscience Innovation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Richard Nieman, Head Of R&D, China, BMS
  • Weikang Tao, Vice President & CEO, R&D Center, Hengrui Medicine
  • Hui Feng, COO, Junshi Biosciences
  • Yong-jiang Hei, CMO, Zai Lab
  • Jijun Yuan, CEO, Genbase Biotechnology
  • Mingde Xia, Senior Director, AP Innovation Center, Johnson & Johnson
  • Richard Wang, CEO, Fosun Kite Bio
  • Tony Liu, CEO, CBMG
  • Yu Zhang, Co-Founder & CEO, Aeon Therapeutics
  • Daniel Song, Deputy General Manager, Hrain Bioechnology
  • WIlliam Cao,CEO, Gracell Biotech
  • Paul Dai, CEO, Kaedi
  • Xiao Lei, CEO, Innovative Cellular Therapeutics
  • Huamao Wang, COO, CARsgen Therapeutics
  • Yujia Cai, Director of Gene Therapy Lab, Shanghai JiaoTong University
  • Min Liang, General Manager, GeneSail Biotech