How Can I Become a Volunteer?2016-10-12T21:02:48-04:00

Please tell us your name, email, experience. We will get back to you shortly.

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Is It Safe To Use Credit Card To Pay For My Bookings?2016-10-12T21:02:48-04:00
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When is the next SAPA-GP Annual Meeting2016-10-12T21:02:48-04:00

Our 2014 Annual Meeting is scheduled for 06/20/2014 - 06/21/2014. See Events section for details.

SAPA-GP 2014 Annual Meeting
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Why Should I Register?2014-03-03T09:41:17-04:00

Here is the benefits of a registered Free Memeber:

  • Book/modify/cancel your reservation to SAPA-GP Events
  • Add comments throughout the website
  • Participate in the forums
How Can I Join SAPA-GP?2016-10-12T21:02:48-04:00

Click the button below and follow instruction on the screen.

How Can I Contribute to SAPA-GP?2016-10-12T21:02:48-04:00

There are various ways to contribute to SAPA-GP

  • Become a SAPA-GP Member
  • Attend Annual Conference & social events
  • Become a volunteer
  • Become a sponsor
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What is SAPA-GP?2016-10-12T21:02:48-04:00

SAPA-GP is the abbreviation of Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association - Greater Philadelphia.

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